Clickable events calendar

I’m looking for a way to have an event calendar, where the events are clickable, linking to the event’s page.

Kalendar doesn’t appear to have this functionality (at least as far as I can see!).

Any thoughts/pointers?


See if this might work for you:

Kalendar supports Markdown. have you tried putting in a link that way?

[Linked Text](

That site says the individual is retired and uses the site only for personal use.

You missed the last half of the url

Thanks, will give that a go!

That might do the trick. Is it a stack?

An old one

@jacksona you can download it for free here: TimelineThing is a Free RapidWeaver Central Stack
Seems to still work in RW8 :wink:


Thanks @DaveFox :+1:

I was looking for the stack, so went to main site where I saw the comments. Link provided stack, which works nicely. Hadn’t seen it before. Thanks.

Thanks Dave…I was out of my office all day.

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