Differences between 'Classic' and 'Elements.'

Forgive me if this has been covered but…

What are the differences between Classic and Elements?

Will Elements have 3rd party plugins or stacks?

RapidWeaver Classic is the classic version of RapidWeaver that has been around for 20 years, it supports all existing themes and third party plugins and stacks.

RapidWeaver Elements is the next generation of RapidWeaver. It’s our stake in the ground on what we think a modern website builder on the Mac can be. It’s also a way for us to build a solid foundation for the next 20 years.

Elements is based around our new WYSIWYG page builder along with the powerful Elements language. It has a whole host of advanced features to make building websites faster and easier than ever before. It’s currently in development, and we hope to launch it later this year.

RapidWeaver Elements does not support existing themes, plugins, or stacks (they are incompatible with the new WYSIWYG engine). There will be third-party Elements available after it launches later this year.

Check out the Elements FAQ and be sure to watch some of the Element Dev Diary videos to see how this new version of RapidWeaver is shaping up!

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That helps. Thank you, Dan.
I’ve been checking out a few of your Dev videos but might need to start with #1 :grin:

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