Text and paragraph stacks not reflecting theme

After the last Stacks update on March 4, all my text and paragraph stacks have reverted to tiny text that does not respond to whatever is specified in the theme.

I am running;
macOS 10.13.3
Rapidweaver 7.5.5
Foundry (latest but Get Info lists it as version 1.0.1, puzzling?)
Stacks V 3.5.8

Can anyone help?


Is this in preview or when published?

If you post a link to the site, if it is published, it would help others to help you with this kind of problem.

One think you may like to try if the problem only shows on the published site, if you haven’t already done so, is marking all pages as changed and re-publishing all files.



No, this is within Rapidweaver. The published site is OK but it was published before the update.



Did you “Paste” the text in? If so, it probably has formatting which you need to clear. Highlight the text and select clear formating from the format menu.

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No. This is a project that previewed correctly a few days before and had not been edited. It was only after the Stacks update that it changed.

I’ve just carried out a quick test, this is what I did.
Create a new project
Single stacks page
Dragged in Foundry control stack & nav bar
Dragged in Foundry Paragraph stack
Set text size to 20pt in control stack
Preview & text is 20pt (this is the boilerplate text in the stack)
Edit one word in the boilerplate text
Preview and the text collapses to tiny probably 12pt


Can you try reinstalling the previous version of Stacks? That way you could see if it is in fact the updated Stacks version causing the problem, or not.

Also, may be worthwhile to download the newest Foundry version, as when i get info on Foundry in my setup it shows version 1.3.2. Just to make sure you have the latest versions of all the Foundry stacks.

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