Digital Waivers Pipe Dream?

Hello hive mind, I’m looking for a way to eliminate paper waivers entirely and I’m playing with two ideas, but I don’t know if the first one is doable with RapidWeaver, so I thought I’d throw this out there.

It would be great if I could have a page where I fill in a form, and then sign it, (for touch devices only), and then store that file somehow, (could be emailed to me, etc). Are there any stacks that would allow for drawing/signing?

I have a client who runs a small business on the side and wants to eliminate paper, but not pay a monthly fee to a service for handling waivers.

The second option will be to create a PDF that is filled in via an app on an iPad. That’s probably the more likely scenario, so if anyone has an app they can suggest, that’d be cool too, (if not rapid weaver specific. :slight_smile:


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