Looking for stack or template. Client wants a financial application form added to site

Someone is interested in having us build a website that would need to include an application form. The application would be used by a group that will provide financing for some musical instruments. Many instruments might be low end. Some might be more expensive. I’m looking for an application that asks for considerable details. I don’t want to reinvent it if it already exists.

Do you know of any existing stacks or forms to help? I’m a rusty Rapidweaver user – but okay. Willing to learn again. Recently purchased Foundry but haven’t had the time to play with it, yet. It looks great! (Adam was extremely helpful re: an older template prior to the purchase, too. Thanks!)

Any stacks that you know of to help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Formsplus might fit the bill. https://www.chillidogsoftware.com/products/stacks/formsplus


Thank you, @robbeattie! From what I see Formsplus will help me to create the form. I might be missing something. What I’m hoping to find is a stack or template that’s already been created that I can customize. While I wouldn’t mind doing it myself I’ve been asked to produce this when I’m already under other deadlines.

All these decades later. I finally learning to delegate and take some shortcuts! Still looking.

Thanks for your reply!

I would be very careful with taking that kind of personal data online. With identity theft being what it is, make sure you are extremely secure in gathering, transmitting, or storing personal information.


Thanks you, @teefers. I agree!

I tried to encourage the client to go the route of a .pdf. Even at that there might be some issues unless the form is printed and malled.

Thanks for you note. I told the client (an old personal friend who thinks this could happen overnight) that banks have whole compliance and security departments dedicated to these issues.

PS Nice profile pic :slight_smile:

Also check out @willwood’s calc stack.


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