Digital download (outside e-commerce pages) advise please

Hi you all, I started building a website in RW with Stacks/Foundry. All is going well but I would like to find out two things… I would like to build a page from which website visitors can download digital files for FREE, so I would like to avoid my visitors having to go through an e-commerce environment before being able to to the download.

I have two main questions:

  1. How do I set this up so that visitors simply click a button and immediately start getting the download? I have noticed I may be able to do this by putting files in the Rapid Weaver ‘Resources’, but since my site is not live I wonder how this would work once the site does go live. Would I not need to put these files in some server somewhere?

  2. In addition to doing straight downloads, how do I set it up so that visitors would need to leave their email address and subsequently the files gets sent to that email address?

Thanks for helping out this Rapid Weaver n00b!

For the first just add the file that you want to your resources, place a button and where you have the option to link, just select the resource in the pop up window rather than a URL or a page.

For the second you will need a form input to capture the email address (I don’t use Foundry so not sure what is included) which either takes them to a page with button (as for 1) or I’m sure a lot of form inputs will let you go straight to a link where the download occurs. Someone who knows Foundry can tell you what it can do (or just go through whatever help files / videos exist)

Thank you Dave. I really appreciate your help! Great.

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