Directly linking Google Calendar to Sheets for auto updating

(Brad Halstead) #1

Hi All

Yes, I have exhaustively searched Google on how to do this but have come up empty handed.

My desire is to have a group of public google calendars automatically export to a single public google sheet when the calendar(s) are updated and use GridIron 3 to display the Google Sheet (already using DateSnap to display calendars)

Does anyone know of a way to do this on the Google side?

I want it all automated, don’t want to have to touch the google side after set-up is completed. I know I can export the calendars to csv and import them into GridIron but that doesn’t do the auto update I am seeking.


(scott williams) #2

@Turtle, a while back I was playing with cal to sheet and came across a cal add on that will do it, not sure if it will do multiples or not. Look at the add on’s in Google store you will see a couple. Let me know how it goes if you would, I may need to revisit this in the future.

I did an example for someone in this thread Brad

(Brad Halstead) #3

Thanks @swilliam, I even liked and bookmarked that thread too… Just getting old I guess lol

Appreciate the reminder