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Hi. It seems when Rapidweaver detects any php in a page it automatically creates a .php suffix to the filename and this cannot be changed to .html. I want to have the file with php in it but use the html suffix so that I can preserve 10 years of SEO and instead parse it in the .htaccess file (using “AddType application/x-httpd-php .html”). Does anyone know how to disable this?

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Advice is to leave it alone, if a page type has automatically changed to php it’s because its required for something added to that page to function (usually a stack that’s been added) which will not work if it’s .html.

I’ve never heard of the file type upsetting Google, usually it’s the file/page/folder names changing that you need to worry about. However I may be mistaken.

If you want new functionality leave it as php, if you really want html then be prepared to lose the functionality and have a very static web page.

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Cheers Paul. I have tested that instruction in the .htaccess and it does seem to let the php run. I know from updating my site to https:// a couple of years ago , even with all the proper redirects, google takes a while to reindex and traffic does fall off. I’m actually changing to rapidcart pro (php) from RC3 (html) (not supported anymore) and trying to keep the same site structure.I guess though I’ll just have to figured out another way around it.

Found a thread from 2019 which looks very relevant for your question.

Don’t know if you’ve been using tidy links but if you had life could be a lot easier for your changes

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Thanks for that Paul - there’s some good info there. Just checked and unfortunately I didn’t have the “Tidy Links” on. Nevermind. Onward and forward.

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