Disappearing PNGs in Sidebar with beta


On my website I have a sidebar

And in that sidebar I have a PNG image with a link to the ‘press page’

(Most pages in fact have this image)

You’re still with me that’s good

So I publish and reopen the file the following day … and I think I’m going mad

The PNGs are all gone

So I replace them all

… and guess what happens next ?

Yes, the PNGs all disappear

Still with me ?

Ok - so the website is www.dibleymarine.com
The offending image is a .PNG of a stack of magazines
The beta is the latest (Oct 17th)
Themeflood 2.3 Boutique

Anyone any clues what’s going on here ?

Anybody had images just disappear ?

Many thanks,


The image disappears from your project or from the published website? Because I see the stack of images on your published site…

Sorry, to clarify - the image disappears from my RW file when I reopen it

(you’re seeing it gloriously freshly re-re-reinstated and re-published)

Ah gotcha - thought maybe it was a caching issue or something.

I can’t be of much help if it is project related. There is a thread here: Lost images when saving project after editing but it relates to RW 7. But perhaps an old bug crept back in to the beta…

Further - unlinked PNGs disappear on reopening the file

… as do JPGs

… and this has been going on for some time - not just the recent betas

Hope someone has an idea what might be happening here

Thanks, Jolyon

This is very easy to repeat - can anybody help me here

Just start a new project - start a stack page - use a v8 theme - drag a JPG into the sidebar

Then save it and quit the app

Open RW again and … where is your JPG

Is this a bug - or am I doing something stupid ?

Thank you


@dan @tpbradley - i can repeat this as well

Bug report: Images in the sidebar do not persist correctly in any version of RW 8

To repeat:

  1. New Project
  2. New Styled Text page
  3. Show inspector and switch to Sidebar tab (2nd tab).
  4. With the small gear menu (which should really be a not be a min-sized icon since all other icons in the view are normally sized) choose “Styled”
  5. Drag an image into the sidebar (type of image doesn’t matter).
  6. Save and Quit
  7. Re-open the same document and look at the same sidebar.

Expected Results: Image should have been saved.

Actual Results: (RW v8.0.x) An empty image border persists. But the image itself is not displayed.

Actual Results (RW v8.1.x) No image is shown at all.

Actual Results: (both versions) The image is stored in the file – in the resources directory of the file sandwich.

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Wot he sed : )

Anything happened with this - all my sidebar images still get deleted when saving

All RW v8’s

… just tell me you’re working on it ?

This is actively being investigated and worked on. We hope to include the fix in one of our next builds. Thanks for your patience!

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