Images in project and Thumbnails in Resources are gone


When I opened my Endeavor project today, all but two header images were gone (missing images just showed broken link icon). And when I clicked on each image under “resources,” all the thumbnails were gone except for the thumbnails for those two, still working header images.

First I tried to re-link the resources but that didn’t help. Next I opened RW with option key down to re-set and that didn’t help.

I made no changes today, touched nothing. Just opened the project, previewed it, and found these brand new problems.

Most recent activity was to update Stacks and install Snow. Nothing else.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Did you try “Republish all files”?

Hi @jabostick,

I’m afraid to republish, worried that my site will look as bad as the project does. Eventually, I guess I will have to but hoped I could sort out what I’m previewing.

Ah sorry, I read your message as meaning they weren’t showing up online (even though you explained yourself clearly :slight_smile:)

There are a couple of posts on the issue of ‘missing resources’ (this one for example) that might help you out but it may be dependant on what version of RW / Stacks you are using? @isaiah might be better able to assist if you can provide some more detail.

The only thing I might try is re-adding a couple of resources (and not just re-linking them) and see if that fixes it…

Woah. This happened on one of my pages too, yesterday, but they are dragged and dropped images. All images just gone. Says add image.
I copied the stacks from my backup and it seems to be fine now. WEIRD!

Hi @jabostick.

OK, I removed an image from Resources, and then added it back. So far that appears to work.

I have several images to do, and it’s going to take awhile, but glad if this fix works completely. I would love to know why this happened in the first place, though I guess I may never know.

Thank you for making the time to respond, and for your thoughtful suggestions.