No support in over 2 months from Rapidcart Pro - I'M DONE :(

(Lisa Sandler) #1

After purchasing Rapidcart Pro in September 2016, I spent months painstakingly setting up my cart and a gazillion products. I’ve sent numerous support tickets and the last one being 2 months ago, with no response. After watching @rob answer a couple random questions here over the last few months, but otherwise, despite my attempts to reach him via his own support tickets, I am giving up and deleting all my work to use another stack.

I have tried to ask for my money back due to lack of support. I am writing this to notify the Rapidweaver community of my problems with @rob and @rob’s huge lack of support. This is too bad, because it could be a great program, if @rob would just support it.

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(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

@LSPhoto Sorry to hear Lisa, I was planning to purchase myself the Rapid package that contains RapidCard Pro advanced etc but with your bad experience on support I will reconsider to opt for other stacks and/or e-commerce solutions. Keep me updated pls…

(NeilUK) #3

I’m sure Lisa is very frustrated at not receiving a response in over 2 months, and I would feel the same. But, I contacted RapidCart support on the 15th Feb to ask how to add a currency that wasn’t in the list and Rob replied in less than 24 hours saying the currency would be added in the next update.

RapidCart is a great product and I personally have no complaints about the product or the support.

I really hope Lisa gets her problems with RC sorted.

(Lisa Sandler) #5

I’ve sent several support tickets. The last time he responded to me was 2 months ago. I can tell if he responds or not on the 4gnd site, where I post my tickets. He has it set to private so he is the only one who sees my questions. I even asked for my money back, last week, when I decided I’d had enough. It seems if it’s not a simple one sentence answer, @rob will not respond.

(Lisa Sandler) #6

Maybe I’m spoiled by other developers who actually support their products, but 2 months is a long time to be waiting for a response. It seems @rob does respond, here and there, to others, but I have not been one of those lucky ones.

(Lisa Sandler) #7

Lucky you. I have not been so lucky.

(e.g.,) #8

Not a good way to run a business.
Maybe he uses RapidCart for his support tickets?

(Lisa Sandler) #9

Sigh, as noted, I AM using his support forum:

(Lisa Sandler) #11

@SteveB You know I support many developers, and I have been using Rapidweaver for 6 years now, so I can get around with help from others. I can even deal with a week or two with no response. But spending 6 months on a stack with little to no support… I can’t get behind that anymore. I just want my time and money back. Can’t get the time back, but would be nice to get a refund as I am spending today deleting all traces of Rapidcart from my website.

It could be a great product if @rob would support it and make it a little more user friendly.

(Kingsley) #12

Which product do you recommend as a back up?

(Christopher Watson) #13

I know you have posted the problem on the forums before, would you like to give it another go and maybe someone else can chime in again? The product has advanced, and so have peoples knowledge of it…

(Lisa Sandler) #14

Thanks, but I can’t use or support a product that has no support. I use the forum as much as I can, but there comes a point when you need the developer to respond. I’ve taken Rapidcart off my site completely today.

(Denis Ricard) #15

Thanks @LSPhoto for the feedback, it’s certainly something I’ll consider when comes the time to select a solution.

(tim parsons) #16

this is FREE is this stack from Nick Cates, any good as a replacement for Rapidcart ?


(Lisa Sandler) #17

I’d rather have something I can build in RW… It’s subscription based and I would need to pay $20/month from what I can see. Not sure this is enough, but would have to look into it:

I’d love to find something like Pay Snap, that works with Stripe, that I can set up in RW myself.

(tim parsons) #18

@LSPhoto Fair comment Lisa, i obviously hadnt read the small print.


(Monica Palmer) #19

I feel lisa’s pain. I have parked RapidCart Pro after purchasing it for over two years and not been able to use. Have you tried purchasing the Rapidweaver e-commerce course? It cost $125.00. The course gives me many e-commerce options than using Rapidcart Pro.

(Lisa Sandler) #20

I do have that course… bought specifically for better instructions for RCP, since their “instructions” are more of a list than a manual. Was there something else in that course that worked for you? I’m still looking into my next step to replace RCP.
thanks, Lisa

(Monica Palmer) #21

Lisa, when I realized I could use Paddle and other platforms I gave little attention to RapidCart Pro, since having the nightmare a year ago to get help to resolve an issue and to no avail.

Try going to Rapidweaver direct for help instead of Rapidcart support. That might just work. I signed up for the Gold membership, which they claim get me priority service. I have not tried it yet, but usually these guys at Rapidweaver have been gracious with me and helped regardless of classification of membership.

(Lisa Sandler) #22

meaning RealMac? They are not responsible for RCP support. I do reach out when applicable :slight_smile: I also find that I get great support from certain developers, and will continue to reach out to them and support them as well.