Dispatch 2 Dropbox Stack

(Monica Sayegh) #1

Looking for alternative stack instead of JoeWorkman Dispatch 2 Dropbox Stack since it’s no longer available. Thanks!

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

I forget the exact stack. What are the key attributes you are looking for? There are some very nice options out there, but all depends on what you want to specifically accomplish.

(Monica Sayegh) #3

Hi @Mathew, my client want to collect confidential info such as credit cards details and uploading the files directly into a secure server, He does not want to use Dispatch Amazon nor Server Dispatch. Now he require to upload to Dropbox.

(Mathew Mitchell) #4

If the client wants Dropbox only then I don’t think I know of anything I can recommend.

But, a dynamic duo is Sitelok (password protection with high security) combined with the Repository stack. This makes it very easy to upload secure info to their hosting server. If the “stuff” needs to be downloaded there are a variety of ways to do this also: including taking advantage of Repository itself.

One reason a Dropbox solution is not likely is Dropbox keeps changing how people access it and security credentials. Which could be maddening in the long run.

(Doug Bennett) #5

I would try to get them to go with something else. DropBox changed the API and has made it much harder on developers.

(Monica Sayegh) #6

@Mathew Thank you Mathew, I will forward your message to him and suggest your suggestions to him.

(Monica Sayegh) #7

@teefers thank you teefers for the information, I will let him know with this issue.

(Scott Steven) #8

Really would not store any banking details in dropbox. This sounds risky

(Monica Sayegh) #9

@scottsteven, I know :slight_smile: you are right… it is risky!

(system) #10

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