Secure File Upload - Stacks? Dropbox?

Hi all,
I was looking for ideas on file uploads for a mortgage site. I was thinking it would work like this:

  1. User visits page and the only thing on the page is an input form field that the user will enter in a loan number.
  2. The site will check a database or some other validation method to make sure that is a valid loan number. The loan number will have been added to a text file or database beforehand by the loan officer.
  3. Once the loan number is validated, the user can upload documents that the loan officer is requesting, like bank statements, copies of IDs etc.
  4. Files are then emailed to an email address. The email address will be the same for all documents and should have the loan number as the subject
  5. User is provided with a success page.

Are there any stacks or anything that you can think of to accomplish this? Any ideas are helpful. I wanted to stay away from storing the files on the web site for security purposes and I also didn’t want to use dropbox for the same reasons. We prefer emailing them but if there is no other way, then we are open to dropbox etc.

Thanks in advance. Mike

Interesting point @SteveB thanks. I didn’t realize that there were companies that specialized in compliant, secure file uploading and storage. I would hate to have a client’s personal data leaked so perhaps one of those services might be the best bet even though it is technically possible with various stacks available. I’ll advise my client that the added expense should be considered insurance… thanks for the reply!

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