Dispatch Amazon S3 stack

Has anybody recently purchased ‘Dispatch Amazon S3’ from @joeworkman and using it in RW8 and Stacks 4? Latest version is 2016?

  • Can it be used in combination with ‘Foundation Forms’?
  • Does anyone have a live preview?
  • Can you set the maximum amount of pictures? For example I have subscriptions where subscriber can have a maximum of say 12 or 24 pictures uploaded.
  • Is there another way outside using Amazon’s S3?

Thanks in advance, Jerome

Latest update was October 2019. I assume that you are looking at the RW community. I no longer update things there… it take up too much time.

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There is a live demo here

Not sure if will allow you to upload anything though, as I think Joe turned that off.

Yes, there is a way to limit the number of photos:

Joe does have a dispatch server stack:

I believe @instacks has a stack that allows for uploads.

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Thanks @zeebe! I just got home to reply to the remaining questions. I was mobile earlier.

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