Picture Slide r stack you can upload pics online?

Is there a stack for gallery that you can upload pics from anywhere? I’m using Orbit Slider Stack but I will need to create an upload option manually on a hidden html page if I don’t find the stack that allows to do what I need.

Total CMS. But I bet you already knew that I was going to say that. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I use Shutter in batch mode and I have a hidden page that uses dispatch server to upload pictures to the correct location.

Just ask if need more info or help.

Would love to see a set up example of this as I made a work around recently but it wasn’t the cleanest!

Soon. I promise.

Take a look…pin is 1234

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That’s awesome! What stacks are you using there?

Shutter for the slide show
Page Safe for the access control
Dispatch Server to upload the files
The last two are from Weaver.Space
I will share the project file with you, if you want.


yes! please



Note: For anyone that uploaded files.
Does not work…only .jpg files…
I fixed them…refresh the page & Look!!

If you are OK with uploading files, then both Photo and Photo Pro support this as well. They also support Total CMS.


If you are going the Shutter route, I have a template that uses it called Create. It comes with an open-source file manager that I customised to work perfectly with Shutter.

This is the page about the file manager in the template demo: File Manager | Create

Details about it all are here: Buy pre-built Rapidweaver projects and templates.

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