Collecting large image files from clients

I need a really simple way for my client to transfer her large files to me.
I tried Yuzool stack Collect which is lovely and simple but I just cant make it work.

Does anyone have any experience of making collect work after a rocky start?
Or know of something similar?

I have used infinit … but find it sometimes doesn’t work. I don’t want her to have to download anything. Really I just want her to have to do no more than drag the files and add my email.

I’d love to build it into my site the way Collect does.

I’m happy to pay, but need it to create no further complications!

@Figory I don’t know how to get Collect working, and I understand what you mean re: Infinit. There’s another service that seems super easy to me and my students:

You drag the file/folder onto their webpage, they create a link, the person sends the link. The uploaded files are auto-deleted after 24 hours. Give it a try. It may meet most of your needs. (At least until Greg’s new version of weaverFM comes along.)

Thanks. Looks great, I’ll try that

I use
Joe workman has also a Stack to upload files directly to Dropbox.

Thanks. Thats exactly what Im looking for. As simple as possible for clients.
I’ll check it out. Will report back!

well? Did Dispatch (Server or Dropbox?) work for you?
I"m asking because I’m looking for the same thing.
One that I’ve been tinkering with is WeaverFM

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