Dispatch server stack - any way to hack it to allow another field

Unfortunately this is an unsupported feature in the dispatch server stack it only supports 3 fields and a human test or password, but is one that really would help me a lot right away, hence asking if its hard to hack the code to do this with CSS or something, I can code (was heavy coder 20 years back), but never touches HTML, CSS, PHP, but could learn with a few pointers. Basically the 3 fields if not enough for what I need and asking the user for the email in two locations on the contact us page is just cheesy, one in the upload images form and then again to see if they want to be added to our email distribution. I really like the email generation feature of the dispatch stack and would love to add in the yes or no of the add to email distribution into that email. I presume it should be doable as its just another variable, but don’t know where the code for the stack sits, assuming its not compiled but interpreted?

By the way are others noticing issues with formatting if they place stacks below the server dispatch stack, I have that happen when say I add a check box stack, it blends it into the above stacks form. so for now I can not ask if the customer wants on the distribution list :frowning:

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Just wondering if you managed to find a way to get more fields in dispatch. I could do with a few more, at the moment I am having to use two different forms which requires my client to enter in their email and name twice so I can identify them with the files they have uploaded. Also I had a problem getting Dropbox Dispatch to work, turns out it does not like php7.