Stackapps Send Mail Stack : How To?

Does anyone know how to get the 1.3.13 stackapps send mail stack to actually work? right now it’s within a form stack, with it’s input all showing : Notice: Undefined variable: field in /home/content/contact.php on line 400 a few times for each of the input stacks. Anyone with experience with stackapps that can help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: (Using 1.3.13 because its the version I’ve been using for months, am aware that 1.5.2 is out but can’t get anything to work properly using it - contacted developer with issues, he says he’s currently working on it)

Hi, I have using version 1.5 successfully for a while. Screen grab attached.

I’m no expert but was a big fan of StackApps until the developer dropped off the planet.
Last time he replied to anything was late in 2014.
I also use a lot of his database interaction but they are starting to fail due to compatibility issues with the new RW6, Stacks 3 and new versions of PHP.

Hope the screenshot helps.