Displaying privacy and TOS notices

I have a RW site with 7 pages. On the footer of each page I have links to click to see the Privacy Notice and Terms of Service. They are fairly lengthly.

Currently, I am displaying them in a modal lightbox style dialog. I like that because the user never leaves the page. However, I am putting 2 text stacks on each page to display in the modal dialogs. If I make any changes, I have to do them for each page and each page has to load all the code whether they click on it or not. It seems like there must be a better way but I am not all that experienced with RW yet.

Is there a way to have each pages modal dialogs get the text from a single resource or file?

Are you doing this in stacks?? Why not make one a partial. Do not know about partials, go here:


Thanks! I had seen Partials there but never finished RTFMing. Works perfectly. Now I can go back and do partials for all the other repeating stuff! I could have saved myself a lot of time.

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