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Novice user (and old) needs to set up an online display of about 300 photos for an art group. What is the most efficient way to store photos and display this.

You could use the gallery stack from @instacks at:

The fotos are stored on your webserver, and the gallery stack just displays them. You will need Rapidweaver, Stacks plugin and the gallery stack for this to work.


@Jaydee Playing upon @Fuellemann 's suggestion you could also purchase the Repository stack (also from @instacks ). This can make the process of uploading to your server easier and more intuitive. If you already know how to do that uploading to server routine, then Repository isn’t needed at all. Worth checking out.

For 200 images you’d still probably want to break into a few different galleries: I’d suggest about 10 of 20 images each (as a rough guesstimate). But whatever breakdown into subgroups works for you would also help the viewer instead of going through 200 images at one go.

There is also the ProGallery stack by @willwood at Stacks4Stacks.


Thank you I will have a look cutting down the size of each gallery seems a good idea

Hi @Jaydee

With that many photos - might want to think about setting up dynamic content page so users can filter down to what they are interested in - EasyDB FreeForm Pro does this and it works w/ both Gallery & ProGallery.



Simple Solution:http://ibize.com/reflections/Gallery/

I created this using Repository from instacks to keep the photos organised (server side). And used Pro Gallery ProGallery | Stacks4Stacks for display.

Hi @Jaydee,
As both @Fuellemann and @Mathew mentioned the combination of Galery3 and Repository stacks from @instacks work great for this type of scenario.

Take a look at my UIKit3 project for RW exactly developed for the purpose that you described, using the solution above:

Chris Ohara Project - Photography / Art



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Another stack to consider is “ProGallery” by Stacks4Stacks - here is an example of where I used it with about 150 photos https://www.vocon.ca/2018-conference/2018-conference-photos/

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