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I am looking for the best photo gallery stack for RW8 and Stacks 4. I am using Foundation.
It is important that I can drag bundles of images into the stack and that it creates a gallery from that. I have appr. 50.000 photos so I can not drag them in one by one :slight_smile:

Hope somebody can guide me in the right direction :slight_smile:

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Is that 50,000 pictures?

Happy to be proven wrong, but I don’t think there is any thing online, Rapidweaver or not, that is going to allow you to simple drop in 50,000 images and then pump out a working online gallery the other end.

Likewise, I doubt any user is going to want to attempt to load or even view a gallery with 50,000 images in it!

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you want?

It is not 50k pictures in one gallery. I need to be able create many galleries :joy: I gues the average no of pictures per gallery will lie between 50 and 100 pics.

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Are you processing the images yourself or wanting the gallery system to do that for you?

By processing I mean setting the dimensions and KB size of each image to something suitable for web work.

@peterkroman The simple answer is “no”. There are some great stacks that allow you to create galleries when you’ve warehoused them (uploaded yourself to the server). Probably the two best are Pro Gallery by stacks4stacks and Gallery 3 by instacks. I tend to use Gallery 3 more, but both are very good.

Neither one will process the images: so you should be taking care of that beforehand.

You’d upload your 50-100 images to a specific sub-folder. So you have to be organized enough to accomplish that. Sounds like you’d still have lots of sub-folders. 100 images per folder, 50,000 images leads to 500 sub-folders. Doable but … will take some elbow grease.


Okay, I don’t get the hint here? I’m not an Outlook user but I don’t see a photo gallery or anything to do with photos. At least not on the page that the link goes.

What’s the purpose of a website that would have five hundred to a thousand Galleries(50,000 / 50 to 100)? is that 500 to 1000 pages? Or are you plaining on more than one Gallery per page?

How are users going to Navigate the galleries?

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I am not processing the pictures but need the gallery system to do that

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Your not going to find anything inside RW to do that. You’re going to need a dedicated image gallery solution, then if possible embed the produced galleries into a RW website. Although, as said above, you are going to end up with hundreds of galleries.

Saying all that, with 50k of images, even a dedicated solution is going to fall over, fast.

And I wouldn’t like to even start to think about the server you’re going to need to power that lot.

I’m not sure you understand the enormity of what you’re wanting to do?

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