Help with a gallery page!

Hi, Im fairly new to Rapidweaver.
Im in the middle of creating an art trail website using Foundation. Currently i have 105 artists and i need a gallery page for all of these artists.
So, if you can imagine 105 profile pictures on one page and i would also like when you click on a profile picture it opens up something with a little about the artist and a few more pictures of their work.
I really like the way image plus works as a stack… and it has worked for me before in a grid.
I think my biggest fear is that i will be having a page full of 105 profile pictures and within those another lot of text and images and how this will load? i worry it will load really slow.
How would you approach this as more experienced web builders?

If all your photos are pretty small then it may not be a problem at all. What size photos are you thinking of using? 100x100 pixels? Larger? Smaller?

Based on your description it seems like each of the 105 photos will link to an individual page. That’s a lot of pages, but having photos, etc. on each page shouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s two design tools you might want to consider:

  • something like the Filter stack by YabDab. Looks nice, can make it super easy for folks to find the 1-2 people they want to find in a group of 105.
  • the Light Page stack by Nick Cates. It provides a nice alternative way to present lots of material.

My guess in your case is you’ll definitely want some sort of filtering stack.

OTOH based on your description it sounds like you really want 105 lightboxes. That could be tricky especially given that Image Plus requires you to drop in images (rather than warehousing them). It may all work fine with Image Plus, but you probably just need to test a bit and build it up. But if it doesn’t work fine then Filter + individual pages or Light Page or some other solution may best fit the challenge.

Hi Matthew

Ive been looking at light page… really like it.
And it could be handy for some other projects i have going too.
I’ll give it a go, also filter will really help as well.
It’s quite overwhelming the amount of stacks out there, so it certainly helps me to get some recommendations!
Thank you.

@Kelnixon There are probably some other stacks to consider if you simply want to make a grid composed of images that link elsewhere. They probably are not great for 105 images (just due to the sheer number) but I may be wrong. Here’s some others to consider nonetheless:

Not all these stacks cost money. LinkBox is very versatile and is free. In a general way I’d encourage you to simply visit Stacks4Stacks. Many good options, many are free. Sometimes the solution is a savvy combination of stacks: e.g. LinkBox combined with Adaptive Grid combined with an image stack.

However … for 105 profile images either ImagePlus, or Filter or Light Page are likely the best bests.