Multiple Photo Galleries on One Page

I would like to create a single page with multiple independent photo galleries one after the other (without using stacks).
Any ideas on the general approach ?

I would probably recommend against doing that, unless you use a tool specifically designed for the purpose. Images consume lots of resources like memory on the computer of the person browsing your site. Loading more than a handful of them is very problematic. Websites that do this have to employ scripts to load only what the viewer sees. Then load the others only as the user scrolls the page.

It may be that a few stacks or CMS tools do this, but I can’t think of any other way to do this specifically.


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Very Good advice, however I do have only 3-4 Images per gallery. The images are art work organised by series. Total number of images is 16 max. I have played with the standard Photo Gallery on a single page and it is OK but not ideal.

I am using Ultimate Gallery…and I often have several galleries on a page…
and it reads a folder of images, so you can update without messing with the RW file.

Don’t think It would be easy, if possible.
With Stacks there would be a lot of gallery options.

16 images is no big deal.

you might try WeaverPix – it allows you to define “themes” for your gallery pages. Perhaps you could customize one to suit your needs.

OK, still done with Stacks, but here you have really multiple galleries on one page created with Gallery Stack 3:

The poster said, “without Stacks”!!! Jeez. I’m starting to think you guys are biased. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am just learning RapidWeaver and want to learn as much as possible in native mode. I like to get to know a new development tool real well before adding in another layer of complexity. Stacks looks very cool but I am not ready for it yet…

@TatoSoftware1 - I think that’s a solid plan. Exactly what I would do myself.
You can do a lot with RapidWeaver, a nice theme, and the built in pages.

Take it from the guy that wrote Stacks – start simply, there’s always time add on later. :smiley:


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