Displaying Concert Programs (PDFs) with Stacks/Foundation

(Terry Vosbein ) #1

I am using Foundation for my website and I want to have a page dedicated to concert programs, which are PDFs of 6-25 pages. I would like them to be zoomable and responsive.

I am trying Pagelit from One Little Designer. Here is an example of that:

I really like the look, the ease of set-up and the smooth page turns.

But one can’t use the “command =” zoom command on the PDF. This zooms the background and header, but the PDF remains the same size.

Are there any other Stacks that might do what I am trying to do?

I want to settle on something before I set up the rest of the programs.


Terry Vosbein

(Jason Bostick) #2

There are not a lot of great options, as far as I know. Joe Workman and Stacks4Stacks both have PDF embed stacks that work well and have zoom functions. However, both have their own potential issues (Joe’s require the user to have a pdf plugin for some browsers (IE 11) and Stacks4Stacks are iFrames that aren’t great when it comes to responsiveness.

There is one from RWTuts that doesn’t mention any of those drawbacks, but I haven’t used it personally: http://rwtuts.net/stacks/pdfviewer/index.html

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

Embedded PDF documents will not be rendered correctly on iOS devices. Eg when using an iframe, only the first page is visible on iOS. I suggest to add an additional download link for the document you want to publish.