Stack to embed PDF

Anyone know of a good responsive stack to embed a pdf?

This looks suitable. It’s just had an update too.

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And then, of course, is the free Embed stack from Will Woodgate – works not only with PDF but also with images, video and audio.


Trying to learn Embed. I have a number of articles in PDF, but I find I have to enter each page of an article rather than just drop in the complete article. Am I missing something.
Thanks so much for any help.

That is strange. I have many multi-page PDFs embedded in one of my sites and they all work fine. Scrolling down inside the embedded window reveals consecutive pages.

Perhaps @willwood could put you on the right track?

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Are they separate pdf files or a single multiple-page pdf? Do you have a URL to a page?

Maybe you can get us a link to something like Dropbox with the pdf file so we can see what might be causing the problem.

All worked perfect with RapidViewer–which not longer works. So, updated to RW 8, obtained Embed and trying to replace all build in RapidViewer. The pdf’s are multi page articles. When published this is all I get: Which is the first page of each article. Scroll bar on side stops at end of that single page. Thanks for any insights. I am very new to Stacks and Embed.

Whilst it may not be as pretty, or be integrated into the page as such, another option is to store your PDF document using a free Google Drive account and link to the file from the image of the first page on your website. Google provides a nice viewer which allows searching, downloading and printing (although I think you can restrict this using the Google Drive options?). This then makes it easily viewable on any device and takes up NONE of your hosting space :slight_smile:

Here I used @joeworkman PDF Embed…

Lots of options for the user.

Looks and works great. I’m still having problem of only first page of an article appears (no scroll bar that takes you past the first page). I’m using Embed in a stack, drop the entire article onto the page–but only the first page of (for example) a five page article. Anything obvious that I’m doing wrong?
Thanks for any direction.

or any other method… ?

What stack? I am using @joeworkman pdf embed stack.

Here is the link…

I should have done that link…sorry @joeworkman.

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I’m a bit confused. I downloaded Embed (the free version), but when I visit the link below I see that it is $19.95. In using the free version of Embed does that explain the reason for only being about to see the first page of an article in PDF when I drop the entire article into the Stack? I certainly can insert a page at a time, but this will take a lot of time and energy for all of my articles.

There are a few stacks with Embed in the name. The one I think you are using is that is free is from Stacks4Stacks.

Joe Workman has one called PDF Embed (the link above) and that cost $19.95.

There are also a couple of others that come with some frameworks (Foundation 6, Platform, etc.)

The free one from Stacks4Stacks works fine for me with multiple page PDFs.

I looked at that page.

Looks like the source for the embed stack is still pointing to the address that that stack defaults to.

perhaps a screenshot of the settings you are using.

Will do but first, I think I do not understand the linking of the embeded PDF. I have it linked to the article in the resource file, but still only getting the first page of each article.
Could you give me a tip on linking within Embed Stack?
Thanks a million.

If you put the pdf’s in resources your project file gets big!!!
Use a ftp program and just put them in a folder on your server and link them to a full url.

Since several stacks have embed in their name, you might want to be specific on what one you are talking about.

If you are talking about embed from Stacks4Stack, like you have on the sample page above, then a screenshot of the settings (where you set the stack to point to the pdf) would be helpful.

RapidWeaver project files aren’t single files but are a special type of folder called a package. Yes, just like any other folder on your Mac, the more you place inside the project package the larger it will get.

There is no real limit to the size an RW project file can be. How you get things like images and pdf files out to the server is a matter of personal preference.

Using resources has nothing to do with the problem you are experiencing.

RapidViewer was before my time, so I don’t know what it did or how it worked. All modern browsers now support built-in pdf viewing. The Stacks4Stack Embed stack simply utilizes an iframe that contains the pdf file. It relies on the browser’s support of pdf format.