Distorted layout after uploading homepage

Hi there,
I’m using a Michael David design theme and the Michael David “playvid” stack and it works well on other pages of the website and worked also on the homepage until I embedded a different video. After that (unpublished the layout looks fine and also when doing preview in Chrome) the uploaded page layout from the video part downwards is distorted when using Chrome. It is fine in Safari, but the video is not running in Safari.

Anyone an idea what this is and how to solve it?


Did more testing and it turnes out, that it is fine on IOS, in Chrome and Safari. Don’t have windows to test.

Can you give us the URL? Without it no-one can really help.


sorry Rob, that’s true

here the URL: www.rohoyachui.com

problem solved, thank you for trying to help

I just purchased Playvid from MichaelDavidDesigns, but alas there are no tutorials. I want to set a looping video in my banner. I’ve put the video into my resources and then pasted that url into the mp4 url box. When I test the page on safari it doesn’t render in the banner area -it’s below. Should I be using Play Embed Video or Play HTML 5 video? Please help, I’m starting to get buyers remorse.


Hi Rommy,

couple of things.

  1. What theme are you using?
  2. Have you created a ‘poster image’ for your video?
  3. If you’re using your own video, rather than one from YouTube or Vimeo, you should be using the Play HTML 5 video.

And a link to the site would be helpful.

P.S. Could any kind mod put this into a new topic since it doesn’t really belong here.