Velvet video stability problem on iPhone

Hello, has anyone experienced video play issue with the Nick Cates Design velvet video stack on an iPhone? Specifically when viewing the website via an iPhone with an enbedded YouTube link, The video will play properly until you change the orientation of the phone or touch the screen to scrub back or forward the video with your finger. At that point it crashes back to the original page that you started from. The stack works perfectly from my computer and also an iPad. I can use the iPad to touch the video to bring up controls to pause or scrub the video in either direction and changing orientation is not a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help!

I use Velvet on the front page here http:/ I’ve just tested it on an iPhone, started the video, switched orientation, switched back and it’s working fine. I’ve also, paused, scrubbed forward and back with the same result. This is on an iPhone 5SE.

Give me a link and I’ll happily test it.


Thanks Rob

Here is the link:

I’m viewing it on an iPhone 8 with Safari. I guess I could be formatting the stack incorrectly. However it works fine on all other platforms. What exactly is the velvet video base stack used for?


I tried it on my iPhone 6 and I get the symptoms you described intermittently, so it is not just you/your phone.

Your site is not built in a responsive theme, as is Rob’s site. I don’t know if that has anything to do with it or not, but if you’re using an older theme or an older version of RW to build the site to begin with, that might lead to some bugs.

I’m guessing this is your daughter, and you’re trying to build a site for potential college scouts? If that’s the case, I would definitely rebuild the site in a responsive theme as > 90% of scouts are going to be looking at prospects via their phone/mobile device, at least initially.

Your daughter has worked very hard to get in a position to leverage her talents to the next level, and it looks like she’s very talented. Make sure you give her every opportunity with a more visible site.

A suggestion. Rob’s site looks like it’s also built with a Nick Cates theme, Strata I’m guessing, which is an excellent responsive theme. Notice how well Velvet Video works on a NickCates built theme.

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Just checked and it’s built with a discontinued Nick Cates theme.

Dad, step up and get a new theme. Check out Nick’s theme Marvel, which is just spectacular–like Caroline.

Thanks for everyone’s help I will start looking for a new responsive theme.

That’s definitely the way to go. Nick Cates, the author of Velvet, makes great responsive themes - and you can be assured that Velvet will work perfectly with them.


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Looks like you’re already rebuilding in NC’s Marvel theme? I just tried scrubbing and re-orienting 4 videos and all perfect on iPhone 6S

Yes, thanks for your help and letting me know how it’s working on a your 6s.

Dad, whats yur passswurd so wecan see the redesign?

Hi thanks for your interest, new site is unlocked and better than before thanks to everyones input. I switched to Vimeo to host the videos and found a better codec (faster loading/good quality). Still having orientation play issues on iPhones and one Google Pixel I tried. On an iPhone 8 device when you hit play, it plays within the stack and doesn’t attempt to zoom to full screen. Then if you rotate to landscape it doesn’t zoom out, it plays in the background while you look at a landscape view of the webpage. If you touch the zoom out icon first then play the video all is forgiven and works well.

I’ve made a lot of design changes and the layout could be causing the issues. This is not my first try at this was built with RW5 I think, but I’ve been away from this stuff for years. That’s where I first got into trouble with the dusty themes I was first using to build this site. I’m trying to keep this simple and clean and the Videos page will be the most complicated (for me) of the bunch. The other locked down pages will be mostly text with a few photos. Most of the videos these coaches will be watching are shot with about a third of the lacrosse field in view making the players fairly small so I think the smallest device they will be using is a tablet. On those the site is working great, so I think I’m ready to move on.

One other feature I was trying to incorporate on the videos page was the Marvel split stack but haven’t had any luck making that work to scroll down automatically landing on the next lower video content. I watched the video from NC on it and looked easy enough but I can get by without it.

Thanks again for your interest

Update: iPhone issues were fixed somewhat by dropping the velvet base within the one column stack of the first video.

I’m still having issues viewing videos from a tablet though. The videos plays from either portrait or landscape mode but the minute you change the orientation or try to view them in full screen mode they close and go back to the original page. Each video with accompanying text sits in a one column stack. I think the first thing I might try is to remove the video and text from the one column stack and see how that affects things. If that doesn’t alter things much I might go back to posting the videos from YouTube. I switched to Vimeo because on mobile devices the image was much cleaner when looking at the page. When the images or hosted by YouTube it would show the overlaying title in the corner and the big red YouTube icon on top of the thumbnail image adding too much clutter to the thumbnail images. I specifically chose the thumbnail images so a coach could read within the thumbnail what each video was about. One issue with my iPad Mini 2 is running an old version of iOS so that could be partly to blame.

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