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I’m absolutely new to RapidWeaver, I have version 7.
I got it to make my own business website.

I had a couple of questions regarding the use of stacks… since it looks like it will make my job much easier.

Do I have to buy yourhead stacks plugin before I can use(buy & install) any other stacks (like foundry or foundations) ?
Or can I just use the free trial version of yourhead stacks, Or I can buy foundry or foundations stacks and not look at yourhead at all. Will that work?

I couldn’t find anything on this.

Much Appreciated!

You will have to use Yourhead Stacks for any other stack to work. You can certainly try the free version but in the end you can not use any stack without the Stacks plugin.

Thank you!

So will I be correct to say that I can install the free version of Yourhead Stacks plugin and just purchase foundry/foundations stacks and use that?

I would advise against investing in stacks add-ons before you have a licensed Stacks plugin.

But you will always see a blue banner on your site which tells you to buy a license.

Hi @pattu - you might find this blog post useful:


That was great! I’m getting the source stacks to get a feel and then move from there.

Thank you!

Alright figured it out using Source Stacks free download.

Can only use a max of 4 Stacks with the free version of Yourhead Stacks Plugin.
Looks like buying Yourhead is a must.

Thanks for all the help guys!


You will not regret obtaining and using Stacks from Yourhead. From the very beginning learn how to use “Partials”. This can save you a lot of work. Foundry and such are frameworks. You don’t have to buy them. Start with a 3rd party responsive theme -or- (better yet) start with something like Blank Theme ( and design your own “theme.” Blank Theme comes with support for Font Awesome, Bootstrap framework, and some other features. If you need something really robust then consider other frameworks.

I am sure you can use more than 4 stacks on a page in the free trial. Is it maybe 4 Stacks pages that is the limit? If the latter then that should be more than enough to evaluate what it can offer. I can’t remember the exact terms of the trial but I am sure it is pretty generous.

Yea it’s 5 stacks per page with the free trial…

I will get it. It definitely looks worth the investment…

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