Do you host with Little Oak?

If you do, be aware that Little Oak DONT back up your emails! In fact I don’t think they back up your website either although for Rapidweaver users this is not much of an issue.

During a ‘cull’ of old unused email accounts yesterday I had a dreaded slip of the finger and deleted an old client account I didn’t mean to. Contacted Little Oak expecting they would have at least a weekly back up and shocked to find they don’t back up emails at all. That’s it - all gone.

The vast majority of our clients are on our reseller account with Clook in the UK where all emails are backed up daily as a matter of course with each back up being held for a month. I’m now arranging to migrate the few remaining ones on Little Oak to Clook as a matter of some urgency. Now to contact the client :frowning:

Ouch. Best of luck.

I host a number of sites with LO but am now looking to start migrating them elsewhere. This is another nudge in that direction. Hope it works out OK with the client.


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Have to say I found the response very disappointing:


In contrast - I had another email query today from a different client where one of their emails seem to be disappearing after a week or two. Clook immediately offered back ups and also looked into the issue noticing that one of the four client staff who access this account has set the email to POP not IMAP and is hence deleting rom the server very quickly:


Said it before and still happy to say it - Clook are a 5 star outfit.

Good to hear someone’s a first class outfit. I’m currently stranded in the unresponsive mess that is’s ‘support’ system. Grrrrr.

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Not so long ago I had cause to inquire of a very large host in the US (one on everyone’s top 5, quite possibly) if they could retrieve emails from the previous week for a client who had misconfigured their machine.

I was told that it’s quite normal not to back email up: it would simply consume too much disk space. And that that was industry practice. I believed them.

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I started off hosting with Little Oak. Then moved everything to Chillidog Hosting.
It makes all the difference in the world.
Greg understands Rapidweaver. So he can REALLY help when needed,
You are a client not just a number.
Recently when writing up my proposal for a job I requested that the client use Chilidog (before I even got the job)
That way its one less thing to worry about.
Chillidog offers a free email set up and a paid. For the price of a cup of coffee a month full peace of mind.


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