Little Oak Server Down

Hi, anyone else experiencing problems with Little Oak mail server? It’s been down all day for me and no reply from their tech staff :frowning:

Might be worth sending them Twitter message? @littleoaknet

ah yes I was searching for their twitter. I forget the ‘net’ at the end. Cheers!

Finally back up 10 hours later. Any suggestions for an alternative Rapidweaver hosting company?

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A2 Hosting are solid. Realmac use them too.

OK, I’ll check them out. Thanks Neil :slight_smile:

Happy to help you as well. I run Chillidog Hosting. :slight_smile:

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Chillidog all the way… best service ever. @barchard

+1 for @barchard Chillidog is a terrific hosting choice & Greg is very helpful and responsive.

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Down again for another 24 hours. Twice this month!
Very bad from Little Oak.

Greg, we need to talk.

I’ll be in touch in the morning.

FWIW My Little Oak sites are all up.

The mail servers are down. Hardware fault apparently…