Archive with many downloadable files

How can I create a “directory” on a page with a list of many, many downloadable files,
such that I do not have to link each of the files in my resources, only the directory or archive.
Is there a third-party plugin for that ?

Paperless looks like a good fit. It will automatically create a list of available downloads.

There’s a free demo version you can install and have a play with.


Paperless is excellent, very under rated, it’s solved many problems for me on a couple of sites.


This page uses many Paperless stacks to display the contents of multiple folders
I have InStacks Repository in the site that enables the client to upload their files to the server folders straight from the site.

On my Mac it works fine with Paperless.
However, on the webserver, when trying to download from the /downloads directory, a Forbidden 403 message occurs. The server cannot read the .htaccess file which I put into the downloads file.
How can I install simple rules for making the different files accessible ?

Why would you want someone to download your .htaccess file? Why not try with more common file types?

If you’re using the demo version, there will be limitations. I’m not sure what those are, but you’ll need the full version for a complete working solution.

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