How to include in a RW webpage a complex database including text , pictures etc?

(Manuel Rodriguez) #1

I am trying to include in a webpage a complex searchable database with a large set of data that includes various fields and different variables. I have created the database -with a compatible web layout - in Filemaker, but I would like to rewamp and publish it with Rapidweaver. I have been trying to find some infos about including databases on a page made with RW on the forum, but the database related posts doesn’t seem to treat my problem. Would anyone of you know how to proceed or recommend some plugin able to do the task?
Here is a link to a webpage that solves the problem in a similar way to how I would wish to do (See Students):

Thanks in advance for any clue.

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(Rob Beattie) #2

I’d recommend going the other way and looking into how other FileMaker users integrate their databases with web design programs. There’s mention of RW here together with a bunch of FileMaker stuff I don’t understand that might be a place to start.

There’s also mention here of something called RapidScript which looks as though it’s a way of getting the two to work together.

If it’s paid for work you might find that one of the developers - like @willwood or Michael at Yuzool - would be able to take it on as a custom job.


(Manuel Rodriguez) #3

Hi Rob,

Thanks a lot for your answer. Yes, you are right, the other way around is a better start. The links you provide are very useful, but they do not tackle the whole issue. The way I think I will follow is to export a html file from the database and use some stacks which can handle the visual elements and links for better presentation. Now it seems much easier to me ! If it works well I’ll post it here for others having similar problems.

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