Formloom 4 is Here!

Formloom 4 is Here!

The Most Powerful Web Form Creation Tool for RapidWeaver® just got a MAJOR Bump. We spent most of 2018 listening to your requests and adding as much as we could. Please checkout the list below to see all the new hotness we added. We think this new version is pretty rad and we think you will too. :slight_smile:



UNLIMITED Sites / Forms :fire:
Unlike other web form “services”, you can use Formloom on all your web sites! There is no limit to how many forms or web sites a single copy of Formloom 4 will work with.

Multi-Step Forms :fire:
Got a super long form? Well now you can break it up into multiple steps.

Rules :fire:
Hide and show items based on the values of other items. Powerful conditionals are now in Formloom.

Data Tables :fire:
Built in support to view and filter through data submitted into MySQL.

New Input Types
We have added a bunch of new input types , including…

  • Date Range
  • Time Range
  • Date-Time Range
  • Signature
  • Star Rating
  • Range Slider
  • Currency
  • Security Question

Mail Preview
Preview how your emails will look directly inside Formloom 4.

Better Email Design
Formloom’s new Email HTML wrapper will make any email look like a professional designed it.

reCAPTCHA v.3 Support
Make sure humans are filling out your forms, not bots using the new invisible reCaptcha v.3

Font Awesome 5
Complete Font Awesome 5 support for placing over 1400 different icons in your input fields.

Formloom 4 supports the new Mojave Dark Mode in RapidWeaver 8.1+

Persist Data
Tell your form to hold on to input entries until the form is complete. Even when the page gets reloaded by mistake.

Included Formloom Helper Stack
Using the Formloom 4 Helper Stack, you can now include any Formloom 4 form into any Stacks page.

Added Style Settings
Design your form by choosing the colors, font and font sizes for your form.

Improved UX
Things are looking really nice with the addition of full-screen functionailty, cleaner layout and retina optimized UI.

Plus much more…
There are just too many things to list them all here.


Just curious, is there an upcoming update to FormSnap in the future? While there is the helper stack, I like to build the page completely in stacks and use all of the other stacks when building a db form page.

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That was my question too!!

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Holy Moly!!
This looks incredible. Formloom always was the best native form solution for RW. This new version takes it to a whole new level.

Fantastic work!!


Conditional. Fields. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Christmas is EARLY!

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We may have a new version of FormSnap, but it will not be until 2019 and Stacks 4 before we will start on it.

Good news is that you can embed a FormLoom page in a Stacks page using our Helper Stack. :wink:


Is this version compatible with PHP 7+ in terms of saving to a SQL database?

Nice Plugin. :slight_smile:

On my form page is a 404 error: rw_common/plugins/formloom4/assets/js/
The site is jumping to the form after loading is done. Any idea?

I am using Foundation.


@dudeneyge Yes, it works great with PHP 7+

@jochenabitz That error is harmless and does not effect page performance. The “.map” 404 error is very common with many different javascript plugins.

Great thanks. You may recall I’m having issues with FormSnap due to the fact that it won’t handle posting to MySQL under PHP 7.2 due to deprecated functions. If I can switch the forms for Formloom, then I’ll be very happy.

Thanks. Yes, but what about the jumping to the form? Only me? :slight_smile:

Hi Mike, sorry if i’ve missed this, but does it play nicely alongside version 3?

@Bazza No, it replaces it.

So does it break older forms? Sorry just asking in relation to your last thread asking if we wanted you to break stuff for new loveliness (which there seems to be plenty of).

Upgraded and it’s great thanks. The one thing I’m missing from FormSnap, which I use all the time (I may just not have found it in FormLoom) is the country selector. Is it there? And, if not, any chance of getting it added?


@dudeneyge We provide some sample csv files you can import in as options. Look inside your download folder to find them. One of those files is for countries :wink:

@Bazza afaik it does not “break” the forms. Although some adjustments may need to be made in some cases.

@jochenabitz You will need to email our support desk with details on this.

Awesome! The best form maker for Rapidweaver gets even better!