Need help with Formsnap and Formloom

I’m having nothing but problems with this stack and plugin and the developer isn’t responding much, so I’m hoping someone can help here. I’m happy to pay you to troubleshoot the project files with me and get them working.

I have 2 websites on the same domain because one is for my photography website (the domain) and the other is a rough draft of a new business website I’m building and waiting until the right time as the business takes off to put it on it’s own domain.

I have 2 formloom plugin pages and 1 formsnap page. Currently, none of them work right.

1 of the formloom pages for my photography site loads an error message online, and doesn’t even show the page.

URL: Contact | Whitney Dafoe

It looks like this

It then suddenly stopped previewing the page in RW itself, showing an error message in the RW app. That error message looks like this

When I click ok, it shows me this screen

I have quit RW and restarted it and it still won’t preview the page.

I also have a Formsnap page on my business website as a general contact form. It sends an email, but doesn’t follow any of the setttings. The reply to email is my own address instead of the email address in the “Email” field" which I’ve setup in preferences. It doest’n send the email template I created, it sends a random email, it does’t send. a receipt email, and it does not redirect after sending, it just shows a “message sent” notice. That’s A LOT of problems.


I also have a formloom page that is a form to join a waiting list for my product and it loads, and it used to work, and send the emails and a receipt email and redirect after sending, all perfectly. But I just published the page and switched from a different contact stack to fomsnap so I could add captcha 3 because I got a bot warning from my hosting company. Now the waiting list form won’t send emails at all, it just sits there.


Like I said, I would love to hire someone to troubleshoot this with me, I can send you both project files and pay your hourly rate. I really want these to work as they are supposed to.

Are these just really poorly coded stacks/plugins? Even when the one Formloom page was working, I got a malware alert triggered for the page because the code used looks like malware to my hosting company’s scanners. Which caused a lot of fuss and wasted so much of my time.

Thank you

Here is a screenshot of the Formsnap email that was sent to me

Here is a picture of the email template I setup in the Formloom stack. Notice, the picture isn’t in the email I got, and the items are not in the same order, and there is additional text at the bottom that I do not have in my template. The “reply to” address is also not the #email# from the field in the contact form, it is my own email address, which is useless.

I just can’t help but wonder if these plugins/stacks are a scam and a ripoff with them not working or when they do work, not even following the basic functions setup in the stack.

Shows the page fine for me both in Safari and M/S Edge.

You do have a JS error in the console. looks lioke a Recaptcha site key Var?

Did you enter this manually? looks like you are missing a closing quote maybe?


Looks like it might be a recaptcha error (check your console).

I don’t have formsnap, and I don’t ever use Recaptcha( hard enough to get people to file out a form, and I respect their privacy too much to give Google anything).

That page shows now for me too, but it won’t send a form, it gives me the same error message.

I didn’t enter that manually, I just copy pasted the site key and private key for captcha to the spaces provided in formloom and formsnap.

I wouldn’t use Captcha but my hosting company is reporting bots using the formloom form to send spam, and they put a captcha on it until I would myself.

I just tried making the formloom contact page on my photography site published but unlisted in the navigation menu, and replacing it with the old one that works (and looks better) so that people could still contact me, but I could also show a URL here to the published broken contact page. When I tried to publish, I got this error message which is very similar to the error message I get on the contact page in RW when I try to preview.

Maybe I should try turning off captcha on all of them and seeing if that’s the problem

I would try that again. At least on the one I looked at (1st Formloom), it might be the Captcha key got an extra quote or something in it.

Who the heck is your hosting company? That doesn’t make any sense. The only address that Formloom should be able to send spam to is the one that recieves the email.

Captcha and ReCaptcha are not the same thing. Looks like they have maybe left their addition on the page?

That could also cause some of the issues, not sure if have two Re-captcha on the same page would work or not.

I would remove the Re-captcha that seems to have caused the issue. I’d also probably start shopping for a new hosting company, as I doubt any of the “spam” came from either Formloom or formSnap.

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That’s what I don’t understand either. I am not receiving any spam from that form. I thought maybe there was something I just didn’t understand, but it made no sense to me.

Also, my photography website has a contact page on it, and that site gets quite a bit of traffic (for a photography site) and I haven’t had any spam warnings on that page in a year. But the day after I published the fomloom page, my hosting company sent me the spam alert. There is simply no way bots were targeting that contact page the day it was put up, but not my main contact form that has been up for a year and sees lots of traffic.

None of it makes any sense.

I tried disabling captcha but my formloom page on my photography site still won’t even preview in RW and I can’t publish the site either.

You didn’t say who you host with, but it sounds like they are looking for php mailers that don’t use Recaptcha.

I think it’s time for a new host.

Don’t know what might be causing the publishing issue. If you can’t preview a page then it won’t publish.

My hosting company is

They sent me lists of code that made no sense to me as proof of all these spam emails. Which made me think I needed to redo the regular contact forms on my site and add captcha to all of them. I spent all night doing it. And the form I made in formloom that was working to let people sign up for a waiting list for my product for my new company broke as well.

Luckily I made new saved versions of the projects while they were working fine with no captcha. I am just going to publish them and hopefully they will go back to working again.

Never herd of them, but that doesn’t mean much. That they say your mailer is spaming a day after you republished the page sounds like BS to me.

There are plenty of good hosting companies out and about. Many of them are getting more and more restrictive in sending mail. Once they get nailed as a Spammer" all mail gets flagged as spam.

If some else can hack your website and use any PHP mailer to spaming, it’s not your issue but the hosting company not having proper protection.

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hmm maybe that’s what is going on, they are getting hacked.

Thankfully I saved all the sites before they scared me into spending all night re-doing my contact forms with captcha enabled stacks and plugins.

I republished all files with the old projects and they are all working now.

However, I just tested my photography website’s contact page,

And the message I got is full of garbled nonsense added to the actual name

that it is supposed to be, and was just a week ago. Here’s a picture of the email I got from my test. Anyone know what is going on now? This is just the regular RW contact page.

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