Timeout Error When Submitting FormLoom4 Form (Resolved!)

I’m having major issues here with this error. It happens 50% of the time, a timeout error upon submitting. This is with Rapidweaver 8.8.1 and FormLoom 4.0.12. Some things to note:

  • The SMTP details are 100% correct
  • Both emails (sent to user and admins) and mySQL data is received, despite the timeout error
  • This was working fine in FormLoom 3
  • In the past when I’ve not used SMTP, delivery has been unreliable – I don’t see why it shouldn’t work via SMTP (which it actually is, except it says it isn’t!)
  • I’m using PHP 7.4 and I’ve increased all of the php ini directives, execution time, memory, etc

Well I guess no one knows how to fix it. I’ve tried the web host and yabdab. To say it’s highly inconvenient would be quite the understatement, given that it’s the enrolment portal for a college with a 700-strong student base, and needs to be up 24/7.

I’m heading to day 10 of nightmares, the first was a publishing issue which was fixed by @dan, but the timeouts persist as do numerous JSON and CSRF errors. The CSRF error is fixed upon a re-export and upload. But it shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve now wasted literally days on this, there’s no answers forthcoming, and I’m dealing with a regular stream of customer difficulties.

Sadly I’m going to have to leave Rapidweaver and look for other solutions, as this does not appear to be nearly robust enough.

For these kind of forms you can use Machform, which can also be installed on your server.

This way you have a reliable form within Rapidweaver.


I am using Formloom 3 and FormSnap, both work reliable. I also used to use Formloom 4 but had also time outs. So I switched back to Formloom3. Also Mike from @yabdab tried to solve the problem and came to the conclusion that the problem was on the server side (provider is Strato).
Informed the Strato support – they pushed the problem back to the script. As I am not a coder I finally gave up and use the above mentioned stable “working” solutions. Just FYI.

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Thanks @capetom, I’ve had the same experience. Was OK on my old machine, Intel/Catalina/RW7/Stacks3/FormLoom3. No longer with M1/Big Sur/RW8/Stacks4/FormLoom4. I’ve spent ages rebuilding all the forms for FL4 with conditional fields, and additionally given that FL3 will never be re-coded for M1 I won’t be reverting back. So something else then…

And yes, I’ve had the same pingpong with developer/mailhost so who knows? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All I know is right now I’m somewhat screwed!

Yes have looked at MachForm previously. Will probably have to revisit…

Sure. @1LittleDesigner has Super Forms 2 and a 30% discount at the moment. So you could check that out, too

Don’t think it supports mySQL…

FormsPlus from Chillidog does support MySQL

Yes, I don’t think 1LD Super Forms does though… Forms Plus does not support conditional fields. Forms Plus 2 looks promising but not out yet. Thing is, I need this working yesterday.

And truth is, none of the current native RW solutions are cutting the mustard.

I’m going to have to take a serious look at Wordpress solutions now.

I am using FormsPlus in my sites, so it works already.

@Fuellemann FormsPlus doesn’t support conditional fields, so no, it won’t work for me.

Ah sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

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@Custard-Apple What was the problem you had with Mach Forms? Entirely reliable in my experience. Lots of options. Nice backup option with Google Sheets integration.

Haven’t tried them yet…

Confused given your previous statement. At any rate … definitely worth exploring. It’s not a RW stack or plugin. You can link to standalone forms (which is what I usually do) or embed into a RW page.

See: https://www.machform.com

Most of the folks using this product are NOT RW users … so it has cross-design product availability.

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Yes I know what I said – I’ve looked at them a while back, had a play, never used for prime time. As I said, I will revisit as the native RW solutions aren’t cutting it. Thanks though!

At this stage I need mySQL integration. It will be interesting to see if MachForms can handle conditional fields w/ mySQL properly…

Seems like this is a problem for @yabdab to help you fix, especially if others have reported FormLoom 3 still working.

@Custard-Apple Has he been able to get your site working with his own server? or explain why it’s not working with your server?

The requirements on the FormLoom 4 page say this:

  • Mac OS X 10.12 +
  • RapidWeaver 7+
  • PHP 5.6 +
  • MYSQL 5

I do wonder if it’s an issue with the version of PHP you’re running…
It would be a shame for you to have to stop using RapidWeaver, especially as this is not an issue with RapidWeaver itself.

Anyone else have experience with this? Let’s try and help @Custard-Apple get back up and running!