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Sorry but I am tearing my hair out here. I have checked, double checked and triple checked CMS ID and stuff but when I add a new post and Save it, I get the green ticks but it is not there… When I add the debug stack I get:

Foundation 6 Not Found
It does not look like the theme is set to be the Foundation 6 theme. This is a requirement for Foundation to function properly

What do I have to do?

are You using Foundation 6 stacks? Do you have the theme set for F6 for your project?

I don’t understand sorry, I have F6 installed but I have built this website with the supplied Multi-Velum theme, I haven’t built the site using F6.

With that error that you posted, it tells me that you have F6 Site Styles on the page. You can only use that with the Foundation 6 theme.

OK, I get it. I am trying to implement Gallery 3 and it told me to install F5 Site Styles but I only have F6. Can I install F5 together with F6? Do I need to buy F5 or is my F6 licence valid? Thanks

Foundation 1 (=5) and the new Foundation 6 can live side by side. Actually they don’t have any connection. There is no “license” model for Foundation - you purchase the theme and stacks and that’s it. Gallery 3 is a stack by InStacks and doesn’t have anything to do with Foundation. So it will not ask you for SiteStyles. Are you sure you’re not mixing it up maybe with the Foundation “Clearing Gallery” stack or any other stack?

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This is a screen shot from their demo project. Does this make it any clearer what they mean? Thanks for your help.

The grid in the demo is foundation. Delete it. If you are not using foundation, you can’t use that grid.

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Scott is right concerning the grid. Actually you don’t need a grid stack here. Gallery 3 automatically aligns the TCMS images in a grid.

Ok, thanks

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