Domain name transfer being refused by original web designer

Hi all,

Just wondering if anybody has any suggestions or run across this issue before.

My client has asked me to redo their website, but the original web designer is being unhelpful in assisting with the transfer of the domain name.

The original web designer arranged the domain name through his hosting service and charged the client (now my client) the purchase price for the domain name. The domain name has transfer locked activated and the original web designer won’t get the EPP or transfer authorisation code for us.

I have been in contact with the hosting service (Network Solutions), they advise they don’t get involved in domain name disputes, which is fair enough, and advise us to go through ICANN disputes.

Surely this is not the first time that this has occurred, be it an unhelpful web designer or even when the original person is no longer contactable or has died. What happens in these situations?

There must be a way to change the authorisation email to my clients rather than the unhelpful original web designer email account.

Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers Scott

There might be a way past it if your client has proof that the domain was purchased on their behalf, but even then it will be a painful process.

I’ve had a couple of clients in this situation before, and both times they chose to register a new domain and write the other one off.

This is why I always get new clients to register their domain names themselves, or at least let me set up an account for them.

In your case, ICANN are the only option, unless the original designer see sense.

Depending on how important it is to keep the original domain, it might be a good idea to offer a bit of money on top to the original designer.

Good luck

Does your client own the copyright or trademark on the name?

Whoever is listed as the admin(mainly admin email) on the registration has control. ICANN disputes can take forever, and may not come out the way you want. I was involved with an ICANN dispute and months later we gave up.

As @NeilUK pointed out, either buy the guy out, or “cut bait” and register a new domain would be your best bet. I’ve had similar situations and now would recommend to anyone that’s “taking over” a website check out ownership ahead of time, you can spend a ton of time and money getting issues like this resolved.

.com or

Why is the designer refusing to hand it over? Are they cliaming they owned the domain before the client requested it’s registration, or perhaps that they are owed money?

Hi all,

Ok thanks.

No money is owed, he did the work back in 2013 and nothing since.

The clients are in discussions with the original web designer.
Hopefully he will assist, it’s just a matter of sending a code request…just a few minutes work hey.

Cheers Scott

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