Redirecting an old defunct domain?

I have a client who I took on after getting an email from earthlink to say that her free website that she has had for many many years was to be taken down in March 2020
Earthlink gave her new .com a domain (free reg for a year)

I copied all her pages and links onto a new Rapidweaver site and at the moment it is published as an add-on to my chillidog hosting
The thing is her old link is out everywhere! I had thought I’d be able to redirect it. But no …in March it will be gone forever.
I just want to check that there is nothing I can do …right!?

I think the trouble is that [REDACTED] isn’t a real domain name and is not owned by you or your client. So it is outside of your control, if a private company have decided to cancel it. It’s one of the catches of using free hosting or domain name services. The “small print” probably says it is loaned to you, rather than an asset you hold full title and ownership of.

I think the best advice would be to fully SEO and promote the new website and domain name you have created with Chillidog. Hopefully if people stumble across the defunct website and have the initiative to do a web search, they will easily find the new website.

Thanks so much for that info Will. Yes this is what I thought. I wanted to make absolutely sure that I wasnt missing a trick somewhere. I do my best SEO !

P.S I know this sounds ultra paranoid ! But would you mind deleting the domain name from your post?
I have had posts show up to clients before and I dont want her to see I called her old !

You realise you included the same links in your post? That is where I cited them from.

You’ll have to ask a forum admin to delete this discussion.

oh no really! ?

I thought if I added the link as HERE rather than typed it out … it wouldnt show up !

Im going to delete my account. I know I have used that method when asking questions about client sites in the past … thinking it was safe !

If I delete my account will it delete all my previous posts? Prob too late dont want my stupid questions seen by clients googling themselves

This is a public forum. Any link posted here as a text link or a full URL is for the whole world to see. Links on this forum often turn up in search engine results and elsewhere.

Shortened URLs may offer some limited protection, but are probably still not safe to rely upon.

That’s why quite a few developers prefer if you raise support cases that involve specific websites privately via their own contact forms or support desks. It saves the risk of “airing dirty laundry”.

You will have to raise your concerns with a forum admin and see what they say.


Thank you.

Deleting acount now !

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