Donation stack for Credit Cards payment!

Hi all,

Need help in finding a Donation Stack that works with Foundry with the following functionality:

  1. Accepting donation using Credit Cards, not PayPal.
    I may have to use Check Out Stack, but wondering if there is already a “donation stack”
    for Credit Cards.
  2. Collect donor information such as name, address, phone and email.


Who is your payment processor?

not sure yet what the client wants to use, I was thinking to use Stripe!

The only Donate stacks I’m aware of use PayPal. I don’t think they collect any of the information you are asking for.

There is DonorBox for Stripe, but I never have used it. You would have to integrate it yourself in RW.

Thanks, I will check it out!

I used one of Yuzool’s old ones: but it is only available as part of his Oak Bundle, not individual. On a previous iteration of my site, I think that was the one I used to take invoice payments (I don’t have it on there anymore). I don’t know the extent of what personal info it takes though.

It seemed that Checkout 2 was supposed to introduce it (based on this thread: Stripe SCA update required with Checkout stack and RapidCart Pro) but I don’t know the status and Yuzool hasn’t been around much lately.

If you have the original Checkout, you could take a look at that as well.

What is your resentment towards PayPal? The trouble with devising your own payment system is that it’s a massive ordeal. A lot of technical and legal hurdles to jump over. You may not be anticipating what’s involved. Whereas a service like PayPal handle all the complexities for you.

You might not know this, but it’s possible to checkout through PayPal as a ‘guest’ using credit or debit cards. No need for your site visitors to require a PayPal account. Obviously it just means the checkout process is longer for non-PayPal users, because you can’t retrieve previously saved information that’s already in the system.

PayPal also waive transaction fees in some parts of the world for charitable / non-profit organisations. That might save you from the fees normally applicable on card transactions.

It looks like the DonateStack can collect this information and email it to you when the transaction is done.

Most charity websites also give their address, so that people who do not want to pay electronically can post a cheque. Then you also have services available like JustGiving to receive donations for charitable causes.

So lots of different options to consider. And one of the reasons RapidWeaver is a popular platform with charities and non-profits.


@jabostick Thank you Jason for the information. Yes, I do have the original check-out stack, I will check it for sure!

@willwood Thank you Will for the information, yes I am aware of that if you have no account with PayPal, you still can pay with a credit card. But I did not know that they wave the fees for charitable organizations “which will make my client happy if I use Paypal”. I will check all other options you gave me too :slight_smile:

Here is a link that might help:

I don’t know how that compares to regular fees or what parts of the world this is available in. The fees are probably less than what you would be paying if using Stripe or trying to roll-out your own card transition facilities.

I think it’s case of speaking with someone at PayPal and negotiating a special rate directly with someone there. They seem to operate a ‘sliding scale’ of rates, depending what criteria the charity or non-profit is.

@willwood, Thank you for the info and your time, will check that.

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