Stripe setup (server side)

Has anyone successfully installed Stripe into their site. I feel like I’m over my head with the server-side part and installing the libraries.

Stripe has documentation on it but I find it confusing (and their support email hasn’t been super helpful).

I think I have installed the libraries via Composer (as they describe/instruct here) and it created a vendor/stripe folder on my mac. So I am currently on this step here and am confused where this piece of code actually goes, where I need it on my server, and how to connect it to my rapidweaver project.

Anyway, this may be beyond expectations for the rapidweaver forum but if anyone has experience with this and wouldn’t mind a dumbed-down version for me, that’d be great.

Have you considered using a Stripe stack? Yuzool Themes has a couple worth considering.

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Yeah, I actually started with the Yuzool stack (the Stripe Checkout one), but I kept getting an error that I couldn’t figure out (and Michael was off of work briefly so he couldn’t troubleshoot it for me). In the meantime, I tried the code that Stripe provides and I thought I had it worked out until this ‘server side’ component came up that I didnt know about.

I’ve emailed Michael as well, armed with this new realization/info, because his stack is very slick and otherwise easy to setup.

I have a developer friend coming over tonight to troubleshoot as well.

Thanks for the suggestion!

I should update this post that Yuzool’s recent Stripe Checkout update fixed ALL of my headaches. The Yuzool Stripe stack is a thousand times easier than what I was trying to decipher with the user guides and instructions from the actual Stripe website.


If you are looking to a complete e-commerce plugin that supports Stripe and PayPal and doesn’t require any tech skills to implement them I’d suggest you to take a look at RapidCart Pro.

Thanks @jabostick and glad that update fixed you up and you found it easy :smile:

Thanks @Marten_Claridge also for the recommendation!!

Hello, I also have “Yuzool’s recent Stripe Checkout” with a bundle, and also have “Foundation”, and am a beginner with RapidWeaver. I’ve added the stacks, and just don’t even know what to do next, especially about the details that I need to fill in, and yes, I have read the strip into, and have no idea what they are referring to…API

  • Stripe Key?
  • Stripe Key?
  • Stripe Plan ID?
    And, like other websites, it would really be nice to more payment/donation options.

Let’s tag @YuzoolSupport for help. Perhaps they can point you to the documentation that you need.

Dear Vivian,

You can email us at if you have any questions. Also, there is a demo and documentation on our website (although we do need to update a few things there) that you may find helpful. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

Thank you…I’m contacting Yuzool Support now…

This is a “perfect example” of what I am looking for
And all payment go directly to Stripe as they need to.
And, I think that this is a “forms” page, or a “template”?
I am NOT looking for an e-commerce, we are a nonprofit WANTING TO DONATIONS.

Well, here I am over a month trying to still get my donation page up and running, and running out of money by the day since we aren’t able to fundraise, and no support from STRIPE, we have determined that when they reply, they are actually robots.

How about you Jason Bostick, you aren’t the only one confused.

I don’t know if PayPal is an option for you over Stripe but there is a free Donate stack available that uses PayPal

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Only other Stripe option I can see is Paysnap, not ideal for a charity looking for donations but if you need Stripe payments this may be your only other option.

After I have my Stripe bundle by Yuzoolthemes!.., which isn’t working, now I have to pay another $49, which I fear will require more than what I know, not much is a simple as it should be anymore…ugh
I hope it has a demo, our nonprofit is exhausted trying to find a way for our Stripe Stacks to work for our funding page.

Is there a particular reason you cannot use PayPal? At this point that seems to be an immediate solution. Then you could be somewhat more relaxed with getting Stripe to work for you. Just a thought…

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So @VivianEscalante, wasn’t @YuzoolSupport able to help you?

As @thang points out, Paypal is a lot easier to deal with than stripe. There are free stacks for taking donations, and you can also find step by step instructions on how to set up your own buttons if you prefer.

Dear Vivian,

We have not received any emails from you. We believe you could be using an older version of the stack, but if you can us your rapidweaver file, we can try to take a look. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

What will you need in order to take a look?

Here is the link, as you can review it in “source view”.

I need to get this live and working, we have lost so many donations this month, becuase we have NOT been able to get our funding page working…it’s almost there, but there is something missing after they submit their donation, and it going to Stripe.

I’ll need to take this page down today, so that folks don’t try to donate, and until we can give this working?

Opppsss…here is the url to our funding page: