Welcome Brad (@turtle) to Yuzoolthemes!

It’s my great great pleasure to announce that Brad Halstead (aka @Turtle) has now teamed up with me and Stuart (@kryten) to offer more timely support helping out customers with questions, fixing bugs and just getting docs updated for users.

We’re thrilled to have him on board and it’s an exciting time for Yuzoolthemes and our users.

This is perfectly great timing with RapidWeaver 7 being launched shortly…

Happy Weaving!



Well done all.
Nice to see the RW world thriving and expanding.


That’s very good news. You’ve got a good team there, Michael.


Thank you all

It’s an honour & pleasure working with Michael and Stuart and I look forward to the future at Yuzoolthemes and continuing on in the forums :smile:

Harley’s and RapidWeaver… what a combination :v:



Many congratulations - and good luck - Brad and colleagues :slight_smile: !


Turtle has been very helpful with my questions! Truly appreciate your help and good luck with this new adventure!


You’ve assembled an excellent team. Lucky guy!


Straight into the fire, @Turtle - I’m curious, is the main difference between Yuzool’s Stripe and Stripe Checkout stacks is the former takes a user-defined amount of money (i.e. accepts payments that vary from person to person), while the latter is for purchasing something with a pre-determined price?

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Hahaha… Thanks @jabostick.

Your understanding of the different stacks are fairly accurate but there is more to them than just that.

Stripe allows you to take payments on your site (if you don’t have a store) for stuff like snail mailing an invoice and having the client pay on your website. Recurring Charges are a feature here for memberships (like a club or an online group/subscription service)

Stripe Checkout is basically the same except that it is online store oriented and has more payment options (Bitcoin, AliPay and Remember me feature)

Both are single instance purchases… i.e., you cannot continue shopping so payment is handled per item or you have to define a group of items a-la-cart style. Both require a valid SSL certificate.

Does that help with the descriptions a bit better?

To be honest, I haven’t played with them yet and am working my way through the various themes and stacks that I did not have before I was assimilated… :wink:

Thanks, for further queries, can you please start a new thread so that the items are more sortable/searchable? Appreciate it muchly Jason.



Thanks, that makes sense.

I actually have Checkout (and like it) and was just wondering if it was evolutionary from Stripe or if they served different purposes.

[quote=“Turtle, post:10, topic:6396”]
for further queries, can you please start a new thread
[/quote] Will do!


Thanks @everyone - really appreciate it and really looking forward to working on things with @Turtle

And who knows, he might turn me into a 2 wheeler too!

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Perfect description @Turtle - really good!
I would have probably left @jabostick with more questions than answers :stuck_out_tongue:

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@yuzool @Turtle I can login to the Yuzool site to view past purchases but when using the same details to create a support request it says the details are invalid, even though I am already logged in to the site.

I have a pre-sales enquiry about Retinafy, since I am currently seeing rendering issues on webkit browsers using retina resolution images on on non-retina displays.

Hi @ashleykaryl

You have to create a separate login for the support site at this time due to them being different areas.

Kind Regards

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@yuzool. Can I use stripe to collect donations on my website?

Sure - that works. They input the amount like so:

Up to them what to give / donate etc :slight_smile:

@yuzool Thanks for the quick reply. Is it a one-time buy and does it work with RW7?

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Yes and Yes that’s correct :slight_smile:

I have BUG, that hasn’t allowed my Stripe Stacks by Yuzoolthems Bundle, accept donations. I have been hoping that Realmac support would help, but still waiting. I think that stripe support are robots, all they do is link me to developer pages.
I have been trying to work on this since for about 3 weeks now, and we are unable to launch our fundraising campaign.
Then there is DONORBOX, which has a perfect donation page, but now they are asking us to pay for SSL Certificate?? so we are stuck again.
HELP US ON OUR FUNDING PAGE, we are going broke.

@VivianEscalante please open a new thread instead of reopening a 3 year old one.

@YuzoolSupport FYI

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