Don't miss out on 30% off the new Gsheet RapidWeaver Stack – NEW SEARCH TOOL INCLUDED 😲

G Sheet is turning out to be even more useful than we could’ve imaged!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve created a NEW Gsheet Search stack that allows users to easily connect Gsheet data to a filterable search bar!

  • Searchable, Filterable data
  • Conditional display/styles based on cell values
  • Repeating data templates for creating entire lists/grids
  • 9 Bonus stacks included for your convenience!

The initial release discount is still going!

Get 30% off today with the following discount code:


Find out more here:

See it live in action:


Nice additions! Possible to post an example (on your Examples page) where we can search/filter?

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If you go here and scroll down to #9, you can see the search (not filter, though):



We will get some more examples up soon.

Also, the latest update includes the ability to access individual cells, not just a repeating template, if one so chooses. :sunglasses:

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@jabostick Thanks. Nice example.

There’s no difference that I can seem between search and filter? What would filter do differently?

Great idea Skyler, instant purchase :slightly_smiling_face:


Yup, this is a very neat set of stacks. Bought it.


I didn’t get the search stack. What happened?

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@PaulAchuff Did you restart RW after installing the new version? If not, that may be the problem. I can confirm the Search stack is there with the new version.

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@Mathew I did the first time and it wasn’t there, but the second time, it is there. Who knows? A wrinkle in RW probably…



I bought this stack about a week ago. I just installed it today and I updated it but I still don’t see a separate “search” stack when I search for Weavium stacks within RW. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place? (By the way, I did restart RW after I updated the stack.)

Unless something very weird happened on your end it’s definitely there. Search for gsheet. See screenshot.

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It didn’t appear the first time I opened it. It did the next time.

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Sorry. This was completely USER error. Thanks for the replies!

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