Gsheet – New RapidWeaver Stack from Weavium! 🥳

(Weavium) #1

G Sheet – Manipulate and Style Google Spreadsheet Data for RapidWeaver Like Magic!

Easily connect and display Google Spreadsheets in a limitless number of ways with:

  • Conditional display/styles based on cell values
  • Repeating data templates for creating entire lists/grids
  • 8 Bonus stacks included for your convenience!

Turns Google Spreadsheets into your own personal database

It’s so powerful. . . we don’t even know how to describe it : O

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Find out more here:

Save over 30% off now with the following discount


Find out more here:

(Jan Fuellemann) #2

Great stack! Can I use it with simple spreadsheets on my own server as well or do I have to use Google Spreadsheets?

Thank you,

(Weavium) #3

Thank you!

We haven’t tested it out yet, but if you have a .csv sheet on your server, my guess is that it just might work!

We’ll have to give it a try :wink:

(Peter Danckwerts) #4

Wow! That looks like a brilliant way to create web content from a Google spreadsheet – less work and greater consistency.

(Wendy) #5

Hi @weavium the stack looks great for producing content from csv, however once you have the content generated can it be then used in something like the Filter stack from Stacks4stacks?
My remit is a spreadsheet of 109 soldiers info…but then they need to be filterable/searchable etc.
Thoughts? Thanks for any help

(Weavium) #6

Hi there,

It’s likely that it will not work with other filterable stacks, though we haven’t tried yet.

We plan to make a search feature or a separate stack that can hopefully bring this functionality to everyone : )

(scott williams) #7

It works for me with a self hosted csv

(Thomas Roegner) #8

Hi Scott,
how do you set up the stack then to work with the csv?
Screenshot most appreciated.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #9

Yes indeed this would be in fact a very useful feature for this stack :slightly_smiling_face:

(scott williams) #11

Not at my computer for screen shot, but pretty simple.
I just put the css file on my server and used the url to that file in the field that holds the google sheet url. Https:MySite/MyFolder/MyCsvFile.csv

(Thomas Roegner) #12

Thought so. Quite simple.
Tried that one but is not working without https.

Have to try on a safe site.

Thanks Scott

(Thomas Roegner) #13

ok - test on another site.

Get this error

What is access control checks?
Any ideas @weavium ?
Thanks in advance,

(Rob Beattie) #14

Every now and then I see a stack that makes me go ‘wow’. This is one of those. What a brilliant idea.

(scott williams) #15

Try putting it in a folder other than resources.

(Thomas Roegner) #16

Did that.
No difference. Same error.

(scott williams) #17

That’s part of your CORS configuration.

Try adding , Header add Access-Control-Allow-Origin “*” to your .htaccess file (don’t use curly “ though)

(Andy D) #18

Looks great! Can you do one for mySQL too please?

Also your web page says “10% discount” even though it’s 30%.

(scott williams) #19

+1 for sql support as well

(MRO) #20

Very cool Stack! Thanks :smiley::+1:

(Weavium) #21

Hi all,

Thank you for the kind words : )

I’m glad you guys were able to help with the SQL issues. Hopefully we can come up with a solution that makes avoiding CORS issues without as much work on your part!