GSheets stack not working

Hi, is anybody else having trouble getting the Gsheet stack by weavium to work, I tried mailing their support, but no answer, I am following all the steps in the documentation to the T, but just cant get it to work. Any help?

Hi do you have a link? What’s the issue? I used it yesterday and had no problem

Hi, i’m trying to set it up for the first time, so no link… it just loads a blank page with no content, I tried different google sheets, starting a new project from scratch, starting a new google sheet, even tried using the default demo google sheet, but it just loads a blank page (stack) everytime.

What version of Gsheets are you using?

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I think you are onto something, I have version 1.0.1, and even if i retry to download from @weavium it still downloads that version, do you perhaps know how I can update to version 1.2.1?

Ok, so at the bottom of the Library window there is a little icon that says update, that just updated a whole bunch of my stacks, I’m pretty sure this will solve my problem. I wonder how many other newbies dont know about the button, maybe a good idea for @weavium to include the ‘update’ step in their tutorial, since the version in their download link is not the latest version (I purchased 4days ago). Or am I just really silly for not knowing how to update stacks?

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