View More - New RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium! : D

(Weavium) #1

Introducing View More, the latest and greatest RapidWeaver Stack by Weavium.

View more is an extremely useful stack for creating stylish sections with a “View More” button that expand to reveal more content and lead users through custom actions!

View More is currently on sale for 25% off, just $11.24 until March 3rd, 2018~

Check it out!

We’ve created this stack with the concept of keeping content compressed, yet stylish at the same time, and we believe we have come up with something perfect for just that!

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Nice idea. Is this stack Foundry and Foundation friendly?

(Kenny White) #3

Another instant buy … Thx for supporting this community:)

(robertreinink) #4

Again a great stack added to the collection.

Note: still can’t check all your live previews on mobile!

(Craig) #5

This is a great stack. Is there a promo code for the 25% off? The cart shows $14.99 and not the $11.24.


(r) #6

Its at the bottom of the product page

(Kenny White) #7

Yes - Discount code is -

(Mathew Mitchell) #8

Does an example project file come with it? Some of the examples at the website would serve as very nice “starter kits” for some projects.

(Kenny White) #9

I bought it & YES IT DOES:)

(Mathew Mitchell) #10

That’s great to know. Many thanks for letting me know.

(Weavium) #11

Great question~

The stack is made to be Foundation and Foundry friendly. : ) We haven’t heard of any conflicts thus far.

(Weavium) #12


The stack does come with an example file for starters with all of the examples that you see on the preview page.

Note that we used some of our other paid stacks in the preview page examples, so those stacks have been removed from the included examples file.

(Weavium) #13


That’s correct, the discount code can be found at the bottom of the preview page, or if you are subscribed to our mailing list, you will find it directly in the product release email.

Just as a quick tip, all weavium products have an initial release discount code! The discount code will always be the name of the stack (with underscore in place of spaces) followed by initial_release.

For example, this times discount code is:


(Weavium) #14


Thanks for letting us know Robert. Been working on fixing this for a while and almost thought we had it fixed, but there still must be some bugs. It’s a tricky fix, but hopefully we cant get it figured out soon. : )

(system) #15

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