Doobox Montage Stack - keeps turning my vertical photos horizontal

Am I right in thinking that the Doobox Montage Stack will only work with landscape photos? I have some portrait ones that I need to go in the the stack but the stack keeps turning them on their sides.

Any ideas?

They weren’t taken as portrait shots on an iPhone by any chance? I know that can sometimes make things screwy. I’ve used the stack here - - and it copes fine with portrait style photos.


Hi Rob,
I’m not sure actually, I suppose it’s possible. They were emailed over by my client as jpgs. I could ask. I’ve emailed Doobox for support now.

I love your page, it looks fabulous :wink: Are the pop ups supposed to have navigation arrows on them? I don’t see any, only an ‘x’ icon.

Thanks. No, IIRC that’s not a feature included in the stack. I really like Montage though - I’ve used it here - - as well.


Hey you were right! I resaved a few of the photos and now they are showing up vertically, amazeballs :wink:
Thank you for that.

Now if only the Doobox Montage stack had navigation icons on the pop ups I’d be in heaven ;-).

Another lovely page, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Have you seen this?

Slightly different but does have arrows in lightbox and handles different shaped images well.

Oo wow I love the way it animates when it repositions, thanks for that :wink: It feels similar to another gallery stack I use currently which is the but with the photobox you bring in the photos from a RapidWeaver Photo Album or RapidAlbum Plugin Page.