Doobox "play" stack

How does the poster image work with this stack? I have selected a poster image and I have several videos that are displayed in thumbnail size and all set to play when hovered over. However when the page loads I see a flash of the poster frame and then video defaults to the first frame which is black so thumbnail appears as black which is less than ideal.

Any insights and advice are greatly appreciated.

Any links for the site?
@Doobox should have an easy solution for you :slight_smile:

Do you have a test page?

Not yet, will try to load today, Thanks.

Thanks, guys. Here is a link. The template that I have selected a poster frame for is top left. It appears for a few seconds and then disappears.

Hi there, I have emailed Doobox a few times and posted a message directly to him but I haven’t heard anything. My primary background is in video production so I am accustomed to the poster frame being visible until the video is played. I am hoping there is a solution. Thanks for any insights!!

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