This can't really be so tricky - help?

Hi - Just trying to get a fullscreen background to happen, regardless of theme.

Have a site ready to go (Yuzool’s Quarters theme - xclnt use of colors!); with a separate stacks page to be the home page with any theme (tried over 4 dozen here - no luck!), that’ll allow an empty full screen where one can place Doobox’s LandingZone+Play stacks (or other ‘full-screen’ stack/s(?)) sans any distractions.

The idea is to have a home page that just has a background video (ideally, else static image/slideshow) playing with a text/image stack in the center of the page overlaying the background video. And the text/image stack link to the other ‘page’ on this site (i.e. the ‘real’ site that’s using Quarters)

Prolly missing s’thing elementary here to get the full-screen thing to happen (simply) on any theme - need a theme/trick that hides EvErYthinG (navigation, sidebar, footer, etc) except whichever stack’s on the page. And, let’s/makes the stack occupy the full page edge-to-edge responsively.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure I am understanding the problem. But you can have a home page using one theme and the rest of the site on another theme if you wish.

Thanks - that’s exactly what we’re dealing with. RW file is just 2 pages. Page 1 - wants to have any theme that will allow a full screen video (using Doobox’s Play stack or some such) with a text/image stack overlaid on it. Page2 - is the actual site that uses Yuzool’s Quarters theme. No issue with Page2.

For Page1 - can’t find a way to have full screen playback with any stack because no theme (have tried over 50 now) presents options to hide everything on page (sidebar+navigation+content etc) yielding full screen real-estate to Doobox/other stack. So, no matter what, there’s always something in addition to the (intended) full-screen video/image which isn’t acceptable.

Can’t figure solution for Page1 - seems like it ought to be pretty simple even if some basic code tweak (if not a full theme); possible not seeing the forest for the trees perhaps.

You could try something like @joeworkman foundation theme for page 1. The theme is free and would have no navigation or anything on a page you don’t put on it.
Might also look at his impact stack. It allows you to do a full size browser video or slide show as a splash page that will disappear once the user scroll down, if they scroll back up it is not on the page anymore. Cool effect.

Thanks Doug - Impact sounds like just the ticket; much appreciated!


If you want to find out more about Impact, you can read our comprehensive review here.

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Thanks - that’s v useful to know (of too).

So - bought Impact; turns out its FullScreenHeroHeader option won’t work with Yuzool’s Quarters theme (JW support were able to verify that’s the case). So, had to try other themes - however, also turns out the slideshow also does Not override theme’s container dimensions (ie no FullScreenHeroHeader mode rendered as full screen) in Tesla (Elixir’s default theme included with RW6), Tinker (Elixir theme), Forward (NCD theme), Sytten2 (Nimblehost/seyDesign theme), nor Solstice (Themeflood theme).

Have a ticket in with JW support - most likely we’re missing s’thing here in interpretation/execution (tho’ it ought to be pretty straightforward(?)), since JW products are typically solid. Any sophisticated stack is bound to not work with some theme or other out there, tho’ given as many as we’ve run into where Impact’s full screen mode won’t render as intended (barring JW’s own Foundation - which is not an option here), there’s got to be something we’re missing here.

Any pointers around having a (theme agnostic?) full screen slideshow (ideally playing micro video clips with crossfade like in Impact demo) would be so very appreciated.

Impact will go full screen in any theme that does not impose body restrictions on its width and height. Any stack can only work within the limitations of the theme. If the theme contains all content to a certain area and imposes its own headers etc then there is nothing that a stack can do.
From what you said above, for the landing page you were prepared to use “any” theme. There are a couple of free blank themes that will work for this, either Joes Blank Theme or Will Woodgates Blank theme would be fine. Foundation will also work of course and the theme is free so I’m not sure why you say it is not an option (you wouldn’t need to buy the Foundation stacks and can just treat it as a blank page in which to add your Impact stack).
Given that Impact can contain foreground content over the slideshow then you have lots of options to structure the landing page as you wish.

Thanks mate - ur right, the notion of a separate landing page was an option before learning of Impact and its explicit promise of ‘never-before’, ‘theme-container-independent’, full-screen hero sliders :slight_smile: We love JW products, so no complaints per se, tho’ we should have been a bit less naive in interpretation here perhaps.

A two page approach may be the only option, though far less elegant than a slick scroll down. In which case it’d have to be Foundation on the first page with Impact (which is exactly what we currently have - wherefrom stems the sojourn to seek a more elegant solution!). A ‘full’ Foundation site is the non-option since that’d involve a learning curve (ie time) given it’s more than just a mere theme.

Ironically, the sojourn(!) started cuz the ‘real’ one-page site takes just a bit to load and a full screen slider was thought to be a sharp way to keep users engaged (which is pretty much defeated with a separate page approach - go figure!).

Looks like MichaelDavid’s Halogen/Ebb&Flow may be the thing to use (tho’ sans video(?)) - or NCD’s SuperFlex3 with Forward; seems like we just keep amassing themes (numerous dozens now!) here! Which is all just as well - for barely-dev folk like us, they’re an absolute godsend!


Got it - I understand you situation now and see the quandary. I know what you mean about loading times of one page sites though, it is the eternal quandary.

I’m not sure about the promise of “theme container independent” - where did you see that? It is certainly not a claim that any stack can make in my opinion, as I said above. The theme is the boss when it comes to in page content, that is the simple trade off for the ease of use that comes with it.

Anyway, I hope you get it all sorted - sure you will.

All the best with it.

Almost certainly our (mis?)interpretation from the product page/video that reference Impact being non-traditional and filling full-browser/full-area (rather than full-container, tho’ there’re prolly references to filling containers too esp for the proportional options).

Wonder if RW/YourHead would think making it possible for (some?) stacks to supersede some theme settings would be a viable thing to consider - it’s either genius or cuckoo(!); or perhaps doing that implies its a theme & not a stack. And if not, doing so may open floodgates to user complaints about themes ‘not working’ or some such potentially - but could yield quite some innovative stuff in the stack dev area perhaps.

Anyway - off we go to seeking s’thing for this full screen header stuff… Thanks for the banter - and the encouragement!


I always like a bit of banter. I think the theme thing is really in the hands of the theme devs, and I’m not sure anyone can do anything about it. If you sign up to a theme with a limited width then that is what you get. The design is decided by the theme and as such is the attraction of this route.

Any stack can break free of the limits in certain situations (for example when it is floated over the top of the other) but for “in-the-page-flow” elements then what is “the page” is one of the key decisions made by the theme designer,

On the subject of free-form themes though, I would certainly encourage you, and anyone, to have a play with one of the offerings out there. The learning curve really isn’t that steep and to be honest in many cases the time spent doing things is no more than the time spent trying to shoe-horn the behaviour that you want out of a conventional theme. I should add that I am a bit of a control freak and never could work with anything that told me what to do, so I guess that rather dictates my view on things.