Doobox Snow won’t turn off

I love the @Doobox Snow stack and used it at over Christmas to give our site a Christmasy look.

When I was done with the effect, I moved the Snow stack into a Workman Locker stack and republished the page. The snow persisted.

Then I removed the stack entirely and republished the page. The snow persisted.

Does anyone know how I can remove this stack? By the way, this stack does not have turn on / turn off dates like some similar stacks so that is not an option.

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So, even in the instance where I completely removed that stack and republished, does that remove any JS or CSS that would be associated with the Snow stack or do I have to somehow remove that manually?

Your page must be cached. Removing the stack from the page won’t leave anything to remove manually. Just refresh your browser.


Are you sure you removed all instances of the stack from the page? There may be a copy you missed or your publish didn’t actually publish the page. Try republishing that page if you find no copies left on it.

I see the snow on his page and I’ve never been to his site before, so it’s not cached.

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If you removed the stack from the page and republished, it should definitely be gone. If not, it’s probably browser cache.


It looks like it’s in your banner.

It doesn’t look odd right now, but might after March 21st.

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Bit strange that you have a JW ‘let it snow’ stack right there alongside your header.

Might that have anything to do with it?

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Thanks to your responses, I was able to figure this out!
I did have 2 instances of the Doobox Snow stack. That is why when I removed (only one) and republished the page, the snow persisted. Somewhere along the way of cutting and pasting in an effort to remove, I ended up with more than one copy.
And Yes, Joe’s Let it Snow Stack is there as well. That stack will allow users to specify active dates, ie. when to turn on and off.

You all are the best!

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