Let it snow for free: jssnow stack online again

Hi there
If you are like me and you can’t wait for the first snow to come, you can put some virtual snow on your site for free. The JSSnow stack is a free stack I developed a while back.
Preview it here and grab your copy while it is online:

Have fun


Great little stack @cric - thanks very much Chris.

Great stack and I appreciate the cost. =)

Haven’t had time to test it yet, but is there an option for snow speed?

Technically a new snow layer is inserted and the page content is wrapped in a new div. Then those two layers are stacked above/below each other.


@cric I tried to use this on a site using Henk Vrieselaar’s tabs theme. Although the snow effect was absolutely brilliant, something in the stack prevented the menu from working, so I had to remove it.

I also applied it to a blank theme using Foundation, and it did not play nicely with the theme at all, pushing the page to the left and making the Sections Box header much smaller.

A great shame as the snow effect is just perfect.

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